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    Broken Earth for SWADE

    An honest question...

    I've been working on several modules for Broken Earth... One is a CORE module that includes the basic setting content and the other is a GM Module that includes information from the source-book that's meant for the GM.

    I'm currently reworking the modules for SWADE and while I'm a few weeks from being done... I'm curious - would it be 'ok' to share this in a limited capacity if I verify that the individuals I share it with own a copy of Broken Earth?

    Thanks for your thoughts.


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    Probably not. However, depending on the level of detail you put into the modules you might see if Smiteworks can hook up with the publisher to let you sell it in the store. Not sure how all that works but you might check the FAQ.

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    I would buy a Broken Earth conversion. I was just entering all of the races, abilities, edges, hinderances, etc the other day considering maybe running a one shot....

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