Thread: Iron Gods 2-6?

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    Iron Gods 2-6?

    Anyone in the know whether the rest of this series is getting FG conversion? Some of my group are big enough PF fans than I'm considering laying down some cash for the 1.0 set and one of the Adventure Path series. I'd like to do Iron Gods but book 1 is the only conversion so far.

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    Since the first book just came out, I'm 99% sure the other ones will be out in the next few months too
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    We will continue to adapt Fantasy Grounds version of all Paizo products. We try for a simultaneous release where possible.
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    Check the author of the conversion - Danny is fast and reliable - in fact he's the one that gave us the last couple of parts to Carrion Crown - what I'm saying is I trust he's going to finish the conversion.

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    That's cool. I'm not likely to start this campaign up till closer to summer (I've got two others going already) but I'm just planning ahead... I really like the themes and setting behind this AP so I was hoping to use it.

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