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    Alone against the Flames

    As an way of learning how to create a module in FG, I converted Chaosium's Alone against the Flames module to FG and would like to make it freely available to other users as it was a free introductory PDF to introduce the 7e rule set. How do I go about this as it probably needs a second set of eyes to check it and how do only the correct bits get bundled up into a module ?
    I did run this plan past a Chaosium rep at Tabletop Gaming Live at the Ally Pally last year but didn't hear anything from ddavison when I emailed directly thru the forum.

    Cheers !

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    Even though the original module was free, it is still covered by copyright - you need permission (best to get it in writing) from Chaosium to distribute anything based on this product.

    I'd recommend emailing [email protected] to see if they are interested in doing something with this, as they have the correct things in place to distribute FG Call of Cthulhu products from Chaosium.

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