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    MGT2 v1.0.1

    Hi Folks,

    I've been working on v1.0.1. over the weekend, here's the final progress for v1.0.1, I've sent this over to SmiteWorks and asked for it to be put into TEST, if I find the time in the week I'll look into the remaining issue (the Party Sheet oddness).

    [Fixed] If a weapon has no Skill, show 'The weapon 'XXXXXXX' has no associated skill' rather than throwing a script error - That issue should be resolved and the weapon removed from Equipment and dragged back in
    [Updated] Dragging a weapon onto the NPC character sheet (not onto a field, but an empty space) will automatically add it as an action, no longer required to manually add an empty line in actions
    [Fixed] Created Homeworlds are non-editable. They need the lock/unlock option so that you can add data to a created item**
    [Fixed] Dropping a Homeworld "shell" into the Homeworlds line gives script error "Script Error: [string "campaign/scripts/manager_char.lua"]:90: attempt to call global 'addHomeworldDB' (a nil value)". Was due to me removing the code, but I commented it out so was an easy fix
    [Fixed] Created and duplicated Careers are non-editable. They need the lock/unlock option so that you can add data to a created item**
    [Fixed] Created Careers have the "Qualification" and "Assignments:" headers overlapping the same space.
    [Fixed] The Traits section on new Races has no editable text box.
    [Fixed] Missing descriptions for Fortitude and Inspiration Psi abilities.
    [Fixed] Duplicating a Psi Ability does not give the lock/unlock option (however, creating a new entry does.)
    [Fixed] New Psi Talents do not have data entry locations for the "Reach" or "PSI Cost" headers. Additionally, locking and unlocking the entry subsequently removes the headers altogether. (You can get them back by closing and reopening the Ability.) I'm not sure what goes in the PSI Talent box when editing a new Ability. Dragging the Psionic Talents from the book reference does nothing and typing the Talent type into it does nothing. Without being able to edit a duplicated entry I can't see the formatting of that entry.

    Still to find:
    Error with 'hiderollresults' - that's in CoreRPG, so might be an out of date, or overridden file, so going to look into this:

    Still to fix:

    ** Items will be fixed in 1E as well, next update planned very soon.

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    This update should be in the TEST channel, if no major issues are found I'll get it sent to LIVE for next Tuesday.


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    Looks like it may have gone to live based off this:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trenloe View Post
    Looks like it may have gone to live based off this:
    Hopefully not as James confirmed it was pushed to TEST.

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    I'll check it tonight in TEST and feedback

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    This should have gone live this week.

    Going to start on 1.0.2. over the beer-fueled weekend!



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