Adventure Summary
In ages past, an ancient town was lost and destroyed to a seige of orcs. Only one building survived and to this day, the manor is the only still standing building to be seen for miles around. Some say it is haunted, a few whisper of great treasures within, whilst others whisper that it is the manor itself that lives!

No one knows for sure, only that a great evil haunts its halls.

Do you dare enter Montarthas Manor?!

Character Creation
Players can create their own PC or I can provide a pre-generated character. Here are the guildlines for building your own character:

4th level characters
27 Point Build
Max HP at 1st, then average HP per additional level
Starting equipment per class + 420GP
Books allowed: Sword Coast Adventurers Guild, Mordenkainen’s, Xanathar’s, Players Handbook.

Game Time & Breaks.
I have scheduled 6 hours for this game. There will be a 15 minute break every two hours of gameplay.

Check your timezome here

Discord Channel
This session will be run on the Fantasy Grounds Discord server:

Live Stream
We will be live streaming this game on Twitch and Youtube. Please be aware that your voice will be recorded and broadcast.

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