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    Tokens with transparent background

    Taking an image and having it retain it's transparency.

    I used to know how to do this, but every token image I import loses it's transparency. Can any good soul help me out. The image is a PNG file, like the others in my tokens, but my new one for some reason has a white background no matter what I do.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Never mind.

    Sussed it. I was being an idiot. For anyone else, just make sure you export your transparent image as a png file.

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    Hi Booker, sorry but i didn't follow...

    I went to the PCs char sheet, click on the image of the pc.
    In the new window, click on folder and paste then png, but i doesn't work the transparency.
    I used to use the same png file on roll20 and didn't have any problem.

    How did you work it out?

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    In many cases the copy / paste of images loses the transparency. Try copying the image *file* in in your portraits folder then paste the file to where you want it and see if it matters.

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    I finally made it work by copying the images on the tokens folder.


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