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    LFP lost mines of phandelver. Sundays EST 9-10p

    Looking for 3-4 players to round out a group through the lost mines. Grab your torches and pitchforks and join me on an epic journey that will probably end with goblins.

    Sundays EST 9-10p
    Only the basic handbook and module supported
    Have ultimate edition
    New DM, Be kind.
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    im down contact me on discord TimtheEnchanter#0612 or send me a PM

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    I'll join. Message me on here or here is my Discord JewBot9000#0498. I also have never used Fantasy grounds.

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    Jul 2015
    Michigan USA
    I'd love to play. Contact me and Ill do what's needed.

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    I'd be interested as well! Message on discord if you have room! Discord: #2871. Interested in buying this FG Software on Steam and this would be a great excuse!

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    I am also interested, although my schedule can be influx. if we could see if ti works that would be great. If it doesnt than it is what it is. discord is mokeyss#9047

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    would be interested...
    message me here
    Boston, MA

    Discord: Yankeee#5627
    Google Hangouts: [email protected]

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