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    How to organize extensions

    Is there a way to organize extensions? I play multiple systems and all the extensions show up for each one. I have started just adding 5E or SW to the beginning of the extensions to help me keep track of whats used for what. Hoping there is a better way.
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    Nope. Extensions all need to be in the extensions folder otherwise FG won’t find them. As far as I know however if you load a 5e campaign you shouldn’t see extensions which are specific to another ruleset. I can’t say this for sure since I don’t have any extensions for any other rulesets.
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    One possibility is, put them in serapate folders. All your 5e in say an extensions5E folder. All 3.5E in an extensions3.5E folder, etc. Then before firing up FG rename the extensionXXX of the ruleset you’re intending to play to extensions.

    I realize this is a bit of a pain, but once youreused to it it’s not a problem at all. I have complete Fantasy Grounds folders. Typically a separate one for each campaign I play in and one for the current pdf module I am converting and one for extension development.
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