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    Uncommon 5E Ability Score Increase phrasing

    Hello modders,

    I am normally pretty famliar with common 5E racial trait parse structure but I came across an instanced that doesn't seem to want to work. I am not even sure this is an instanced that can be automated as I have learned in the past. Here is the original text. How would you word it to be parsed to a sheet as it is intended?

    "Your Dexterity score
    increases by 2 and either your Intelligence or Charisma
    score increases by 1."

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    FG won't handle that particular wording.

    Have a look at the Unearthed Arcana module for a method of getting around this; see the Changeling race. Essentially create two subraces one which gives a point of Intelligence and one which gives a point of Charisma.
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