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    Follow up: other then the PGRPG2 ruleset, other products will be available for purchase through the store. I’m assuming with the usual PDF included/price reduction that we have for PF and SF products now, but I haven’t confirmed that. OGL data, similar to the PFRPG OGL modules, is planned for at least 6-9 months later.
    Thanks for the update!

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    Thank you Trenloe. I hope Paizo will continue with the reduction in the price of the PDF because it is a great incentive

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    Do we know if there will be bundles available, i.e. 5e's essentials bundle?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shadelon View Post
    Do we know if there will be bundles available, i.e. 5e's essentials bundle?
    I'm guessing not, as no Paizo material is bundled at present. Unless you count each product being "bundled" with a PDF!

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    i like: "bundled" with a PDF!

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