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    1 Player for medium term 5e game (every Sat, 9am, +8 GMT)

    Looking for 1 more player to add onto our current party of 4. We'll be starting what we hope to be a long term campaign. We will be starting at level 3, beginning with Waterdeep: Dragon Heist proceeding to amalgamation of homebrew and official wotc material.

    Length of campaign: This will be a long term campaign with a party objective of reaching 3 months and then 6 months of play. Hence, commitment is essential.

    Time: every Sat, 9am, +8 GMT for 3 hours each session. I will be playing from south east asia, Singapore.

    License: FG Ultimate, so you'd just need demo version.

    DM experience: I've been a player for 2 years but I'm relatively new at DMing, with only 4 sessions under my belt. Hope to have your help in making the game a smooth sail for all

    Type of play: We will follow the 3 core tenets of 5e which is RP, combat and exploration. So there will be npc interactions, intrigue and also combat. Don't expect an all out dungeon crawl.

    Additional notes: We hope for applicants to be between their early and late twenties.

    If interest, please reply by 20th March, Weds. So we can proceed with character creation and background building!

    PM me on discord bleeploads #7551, I WILL NOT REPLY HERE.

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    I believe you may want to be posting in the looking for game forum, not the adventurer's league forum. A core assumption of adventurer's league is that players bring their characters whom they made with the established rules and may or amy not have played in other games already. It sounds to me as though you are looking for a group of players who you will work with to create PCs for a particular campaign.

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