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    looking for a game in GMT+1

    I'm a new player in this system I have played roleplaying games near to 15 years, i'm looking a game in GMT or GMT +-1. I'm living in Spain.

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    another one from GMT+1

    Hello! I am also a player, who would like to try out this new software and coincidentally, I live in Czech Republic, so if you would like to try it and if you would be willing to be a DM (I am not familiar with the software), so I would be happy to play with you. One way or another, if you find a game in this time zone, give me a buzz. If I find it, I'll make sure you know it first .

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    hi, atm we are 3 spanish trying to make and d&d 3.5 party if you want play with us send me a private message.

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    Ive been playing RPG for 15 years. Im looking to join a game as. I live in Dublin and im avialable every evening. If you have GM just count me in. THNX
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    Hi all,

    I would like to test out this software/game method as well. Had lots of AD&D2 experience about 10 years back. Please write to me if I could join.

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    Hi Guys

    I'm originally from Dublin too but am living in Italy at the moment. I've been playing RPGs since the early eighties and would be really interested in joining a game/campaign. I'm available most evenings and GMT or GMT+1 is perfect for me.


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    I am a player in germany looking for a game i am not that familiar with 3.5 but am currently catching up as we speak. looking for a group i have played about 3 games in the eberron setting but thats about the only 3.5 experience but i have played 2nd ed going on 10yrs.

    am available at around 1800 gmt +1


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    I could DM if you dont mind doing tale of dalor

    Regards, Brokky The Gnomic Bard

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