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    Odagar campaign 3.5 or 5e homebrew

    Hi all,
    I will be DM for a small group of players, maybe 3. The setting is based around whatever miniatures I own. Not trying to go broke getting books, so a little homebrew w/ core sets for either ed. Is this the kind of forum to keep like a campaign log or does nobody post that kind of thing? Thanks, first post here.

    edit: maybe if I can just have a blog saved, as I've seen this site has blogs? I will be taking tons of pictures of game boards w/ the player's minis fighting monsters...
    Okay, thank you for reading
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    Hey, welcome to the forums

    You certainly can keep a campaign log here. I do for a game I play in, it starts here; You would probably want to start a new thread in the sub-forum for the ruleset you decide to play.

    But, you can also request a blog, to do so, go to this post;

    If you are actually looking to recruit players, I would suggest you post in the LFG forums here;

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    Lord Entrails,
    Hey, thank you for the reply. I'll have to poke around to see what the most appropriate sub-forum is to begin a thread

    Here is what "Fluff" (IDK this is a term I heard from guys who played tabletop wargames) I have so far...

    ODAGAR is what common folk have named a small mountain kingdom, governed by the Mage King Hod Oathkeeper. It sits a night's ride beyond the last beacon through the Crimson Peaks. Travelers familiar with the area will know better than to camp near the old silver mines, it is better just to ride on through the night.

    Sir Gengaric is an outrider assigned to keep the last beacon through the Crimson Peaks. He was born and raised in King Hod's Court.

    The King is a Frost Giant. I am just trying to set up some basic reference material for the initial "Surface" setting, my overall goal is to get the campaign underground after the players get a feel for their PCs.
    Thank you again.

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