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    Some problems I have noticed

    This is not an exhaustive list. I have been very busy and only just started to look at Fantasy Grounds.

    I decided that since I own "Outdoor Survival" - the original map used in playing D&D - that I would incorporate it into my game. I have a simple dungeon layout as well.

    So first I decided to put in the outdoor map. I did so. No hassle there. Did it in a few minutes.

    Then I decided to rename my dungeon. Took a few minutes also. Just called it dng 1-1, dng 1-2, dng 2-3, and so on.

    Then I loaded my dungeon into Fantasy Grounds. No problem. Easy-peazy. :-)

    Then I decided to rename my outdoor survival map into map 1-1, map 1-2, and so on. Still no problem yet. Heh. :-)

    Then I tried to delete the older maps. So I right-clicked on the first one, selected the skull and crossbones, then did the confirm delete and - it was gone! Oh my! No problem there. So I deleted all of the rest of the originally loaded maps. Still no problem.

    Then I did a drag'n drop of the first of the newly renamed maps: So "map 1-1.png"

    But then all of the old maps re-appeared.

    "Say what!?" you say? Yes. All nine maps reappeared in the list.

    So I deleted them again. One by one. Drug the second of the newly renamed maps (map 1-2.png) into Fantasy Grounds and - why - all of the old maps reappeared!

    It did not matter how many times I deleted them - the moment I tried to drag the newly renamed maps into Fantasy Grounds - the old maps came back.

    It wasn't until I went to my User's folder->AppData->Fantasy Grounds->campaigns->maps and physically deleted the files that they really were gone.

    So the simple thing is - Fantasy Grounds needs to delete old maps when the user requests them to be deleted. OR - maybe move them to a subdirectory called something like "Deleted" or "Bad" or "Old" and then not load them in again. :-)

    Problem #2:

    I have these scanned images. They are quite large. I scan at something like 600dpi so I get the detail of the maps.

    So, as I said above, I loaded in my "Outdoor Survival" maps. Then I clicked on one of them. Of course it came up the size of the entire 32" screen. So I went "Well, that's not good. I need it a lot smaller". So I right-clicked on the image and sure enough! There is a resize image option. So I clicked on it. It had "Resize Horizontal", "Resize Vertical", "Minimize", and "Maximize". "Resize Horizontally" DOES resize to the size of the map. Which is good. But the problem is - if you drag the window to be larger - then the image grows. In some cases - this might be a good thing. But if you are simply trying to reduce the size of the map so you can see it all on the screen - the size probably should stay the same size when you enloarge the viewing area. I spent about fifteen minutes being very frustrated trying to get the image to remain small but let me have space around the item. You still can not do that. But at least I can see the image now.

    So my suggestion is - have some commands to allow for the resizing of an image - but make the wndow adjustments not alter the size of the map.

    That's it! Still looking at the program. It does seem to be very nice and EXTREMELY responsive. :-) Keep up the great work!

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    From reading the above, note that images should be jpg files not png files if they are maps or if they are images you intend to share. You should also at present keep images down to about 2048x2048 Max and less that 1Mb.

    Images will not be deleted from a campaign unless you physically remove them from the images folder. I’m not sure I understand what you need in the second problem. Maps are added to FG at whatever resolution they were drawn in. So if the map is 2000x1000 then that’s what it will be in FG. You can zoom in out and resize the map but it will never be less or greater than it’s original dimensions.
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    Hey markem you cannot delete files from the filesystem via the application.
    It is a security restriction in case someone ever wrote a malicious extension.

    The image handling does take some getting used to.
    Hold Click and drag the bottom right hand corner until the image window is a size suitable for displaying on your screen and the use the scroll wheel to scroll in/out for sizing and click and drag inside the map to reposition the map within the window.

    Do use .jpg files for images and maps - use .png for tokens.
    Do try and keep images under 2048x2048 and 1-2mb. They are not hard limits but they will keep things running smoothly.
    600dpi is probably overkill. Typically people tend to work on 50 pp5s (pixels per 5' square) but some people will use a higher resolution.

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    For resizing an image that takes up the full screen

    Hold control, left click anywhere on the image, drag to the top right of the screen and it will make the image smaller.

    I would recommend using a decent image compressor though, images taken directly from scanners tend to be way larger file sizes than they need to be for FG.

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    See this post for a video that shows how to quickly resize a large image: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...l=1#post304700

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