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    [PAID] LFP 3 - 7 Players FG/Discord Oneshots/Requests/Speedruns/ETC . . .

    Running White Plume Mountain from Tales from the Yawning Portal
    This is a T2 Adventure.
    Number of Players Needed: 3 - 7
    Game Discord: Lilly's Paid Games
    Calendar: Afternoon

    [PAID GAME]A seat is $10 USD due before you join the table. Payable via Paypal In the message with the payment have both your Fantasy Grounds name and your Discord name so I can make sure you get into my games. One payment is good for the entire run regardless of number of sessions (as in if 1 run thru of White Plume Mountain takes 4 sessions the you pay only once. Also, if you pay then become unable to show up for the start of the first session I will give you a credit for the next time you can make it.

    I have a standard License
    Session 1 is this Saturday 03/16/19. With a starting time of 4 PM EDT (8 PM UTC)
    If enough interest is garnered I can do another round earlier in the day at 8 AM UTC (12 PM UTC)
    I plan on going till the adventure is done which on average seems to take 4 - 6 hours to complete the main objective.
    We plan on meeting currently every Saturday at the time(s) listed above.
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