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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Gitmo View Post
    Targas, what material do you own? Are you using the base 5e modules or did you buy PHB, DMG etc.
    Yes, I own PHB, DMG, MM, XGtE, VGtM, SCG...
    I‘m using some premade adventures like LMoP, etc., but I often create own modules (e.g. for localization purposes, or to cover realms not common like Dragonlance). I‘ve to admid I‘m not a fan of some adventure paths and like single adventures instead. So it makes sense for me to use the core rules, instead of manually typing in those things.
    I can second, racial feats are not in by default. rob2e‘s package has them. I guess you can do well with Zach‘s ‚complete class‘ package. But I don‘t want to fiddle around, search here and there and like it well organized instead.
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    When it comes to effects for class abilities,you will find them all here under the "Complete..." series.

    Racial abilities I don't think are shared on the forums because of IP concerns, but you will find them on the DMsGuild. You will also find racial abilities on the forums and in the wiki, but not in a drag and drop format.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Gitmo View Post
    Zac, you seem to be implying that the answer to my question is that YES, when I buy Xanathar's, the material within already has pre-coding for effects if possible within the constraints of the program. Is that correct?
    The answer is yes and no. You will never get effects for everything but as you say within the constraints of the program effects will be produced for spells. Abilities are a whole different thing. The wording is often very complex and there can be edge cases everywhere and dependencies galore. So generally you'll find effects are not automatically produced.

    Here's some videos to watch (and characters to looks at) since you are talking about Xanathar; this'll give you an idea of what you may want to do.
    If there is something that you would like to see in Fantasy Grounds that isn't currently part of the software or if there is something you think would improve a ruleset then add your idea to the wish list

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    First off, Yes I own FG and all the core 5E books and I find that it functions well enough to get by.

    That said, I also own the Rob2e effects and items coding modules that I find provide more automation (especially for items).

    One thing that I find really useful in Rob's modules is it is a good guide on how to do your own stuff too. After looking at how he does things it makes it easier to do my own thing. For instance if I decide to write Alari's Exploding Easter Egg of Doom then I can examine similar spells and figure out what sort of effects to apply, damage and such.

    Of course I would need to wait for Moon Wizard to add the damage type SugarShock but I could probably get by with daze.

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    Sir Gitmo you may want to take a look at the spells provided in the "SRD Data" as an example/demo.
    What you see coded for say the Fireball spell in the SRD is the same in the PHB. When you drag-and-drop this spell onto the Actions tab of a PC sheet or onto an NPC sheet you will see what effects and actions the parser will add and populate in FG, like Zaccaeus is referring to.
    There are some things that the that the parser does not always capture, in these cases you may have to manually add in these effects. And in some cases you still have to remember things from the spell's description.

    But for a majority of the basic functions of each spell, such as Save DCs damages and most effects are parsed. And what functionality you see with the spell coding in the SRD is what you should expect to see in the PHB and XGE (and other modules).
    In the case of the above example with the Fireball spell when you select your targets and have them make their Dexterity saving throw, Fantasy Grounds will keep track of who passed and who failed and will apply the damage accordingly when you roll the damage.
    I believe you will find that most of the stuff you are looking for will be already there and ready to go.

    For anything extra it may be a good idea to look into Rob2e's 5E Coding Package, which covers the additional coding effects for spells, along with other effects for Classes, Races, Feats, and Traits. I would also suggest getting his 5E Coding Package for Items, this includes all the effects (actions) for Rods, Staffs, Wands, Rings, Potions, Armor, Weapons...
    Most of your players will love you for getting the Rob2e 5E Coding Packages, more so than the spells it will be all the other stuff for races classes feats and items ready to go.

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