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    Gaming Keyboards? (“wasd-focused”)

    Yeah, I know a bit off topic but I no longer have time/inclination to frequent many forums due to time constraints one of which is my son whose 12th is at the end of the month.

    He seems to admire my aging caps bleeding light old Steelseries Merc Stealth (discontinued, here’s a description: )

    I’ve had it forever, it replaced another forever Zboard from BF2 keyboard days. I use a MS ergo as an alt keyboard at times but the merc is easy enough to use for norm stuff but prefer to not overuse due to no replacement avail.

    Which is the problem, I’d love to buy him something like it with a stand out wasd portion. I’d prefer like the merc to be oversized and different shapes with nearby buttons but anything that helps the hands comfort with wasd games would help.

    Even a separate secondary wasd keypad may be an option.

    Any suggestions?

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    My son has a Razer Huntsman and he is very happy with it.

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    It definitely looks like very good quality (as well as having attractive lights that appeals to his “gamer kid” aspirations) but was I was hoping for is something like this part of the keyboard (the razed blows my Merc away where it matters in feel and durability - my keys wore out I’ll post a pic from home hehe) so you see the kind of thing I was wanting to get for him.

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    Dont forget the importance of the return policy, I bought a combo kit (key, mouse, headset) that was VERY highly reviewed only to find out it seemed to be geared toward teenage sized people!!
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    Here is the pic of my current keyboard that he expressed interest in. I just took a pick of the interesting side to right is all normal keys including numeric keypad and a usb hub built in.


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    I had a game pad with the same key layout. When it wore out and I went to buy another one I discovered that the company that made them discontinued the line in 2013. I now use a Razer Orbweaver Chroma, but I had to get used to putting my hand in the right place since I was so used to the other layout. Short of finding an old one on eBay or Amazon, you’re out of luck as no one is making anything like it these days.

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    Yeah, I find it so hard to believe that the market is so small compared to cost to make I guess

    I too found it was disc while back when I wanted to buy a spare. I do recall seeing on one of the bazillion Amazon maulers that someone had a regular keyboard with outlined / diff wasd but non of the cool placement of other keys.

    So bummed because there will come a day mine is broken, I am sure.

    I had hoped to find a separate “game pad” that looks like the left end of my keyboard for him but hat too I’d see lots of back in the day and I guess “the day” has passed.

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    Logitech G710+ and Logitech G600 mouse. Their "Gaming Software" (mouse/keyboard config) is the best. I've tried razer and several others and they are a mess.

    For a while I tried the logitech headset but I didn't like them (go to much room noise in them). Went with the hyper X cloud headset with closed backs.

    No matter what you do your wasd keys will get worn out eventually tho... there are some keyboards that have metal wasd keys and the lettering will stick around but it doesn't help the controls below the keys.

    Good luck!
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    Yeah, I dig about wearout. I was actually posting in relation to my original request - to show the keyboard that my son liked and had asked if could get him for his 12th birthday at the end of the month.

    I had already known it was long discontinued. I was hoping another similar “gamer oriented in key PLACEMENT” was made or a separate game pad to use with his keyboard that had a central wasd and surrounded by other buttons like 1-9 and shift etc.

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