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    Theme Designer Beta Testers Needed

    I'm looking for a few people who would be interested in beta-testing the next version of my theme designer. As promised, more rulesets have been supported. Here is the link to the forum post if you haven't seen it. Please vote on the next supported ruleset poll at the top of that forum post.

    What I Am Looking For
    I need people to create a theme(s) and actively test it against a ruleset or more. I'm adding support for paid rulesets next, followed by the advanced editor. The advanced editor will support the full ruleset from radials to individual combat tracker icons.

    I need help testing the software created themes against the rulesets. Any feedback, feature requests, and etc would be appreciated and will help shape the development of the software.

    How Much Fantasy Grounds Experience Is Required?
    If you've run a few games, can install an extension and know how to open the console window, you can be a beta tester. The software is designed to make theme design easier. Knowledge of themes and rulesets is not required, but will be helpful when testing the advanced editor.

    Currently Needing Testing
    • 3.5e
    • CoreRPG
    • 4E
    • PFRPG
    • Cypher System
    • Numenera
    • The Strange
    • Fate (Coming shortly)

    Rulesets are not provided. In order to test the software against paid rulesets (Savage Worlds, Call of Cthulhu, etc), you will have to own that ruleset. So if you own a particular ruleset or more, consider being a tester.

    Do I need graphics skills?
    No, I'll provide sample images for you to test the software and theme output. Naturally, you can create your own, but graphic skills are not required for testing. Just don't judge me on my graphics.

    What do you get?
    Here's what you get as a beta-tester:
    • Access to pre-release versions
    • Your name added to the "Special Thanks" section.
    • Happy feeling knowing you help improved someone's game.

    Hardware Requirements
    The app has only been tested with Win 10, so I welcome Linux/Wine and Mac people.

    MoreCore Devs
    If you develop MoreCore extensions, I'm interested in talking to you about how best to support MoreCore.

    If your interested, reply here and let me know.



    ps: Vote for the next ruleset here

    FG Con 14 Fantasy Grounds Online RPG Convention - April 12-14 2019
    Register at for all the latest info.

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    I have a Mac, so I’d be willing to see if I can get it to run and I also own the Savage Worlds rule set.

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    Wonderful work! This looks like a full-time job you've taken on!

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    Wintermute when you get time you can always ping me for MoreCore discussion.

    MoreCore - Generic Ruleset
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    @dmbrown Great. I'll be in touch with you in a few days time.

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    @ll00ll00ll00ll Thank you, and yeah it has eaten up some time. Between this and my real job being really busy right now, I haven't had a whole lot of sleep lately. lol

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    I'll sign up. I can make a Theme Designer version of my TCON Theme (and since the original TCON Theme is based on Damned's CoS theme, I can help you out on the sidebar button sizing and columns). My original TCON Theme in my sig below.
    Check out my FG theme - The Coming of Night

    FG Ultimate License
    D&D5e-Pathfinder-Savage Worlds

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    Damned's COS theme strikes again. lol. The minute I saw that sidebar I was hooked. I too have modified that theme. Support for sizing and offsets is on the todo list.

    Welcome aboard, and I'll send you an pm later this week.

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    When you get around to working on Savage Worlds I'm in.

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    Great, I'll be in touch later this week

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