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Thread: LF DnD 5e Group

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    LF DnD 5e Group

    New to virtual tabletop and looking to get a group together to run weekly or bi-weekly. I am EST time zone and prefer around 9pm EST start time and M,T,W or Th as day we play. Can pick whatever is best for group. Since new to FG rather not DM at least initially till really understand the program. Any current groups that need another around player those times let me know or if others interested and times good respond and lets get a group together.


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    Hey there Hydrogen, I am new to virtual tabletops as well and those times are good for me as well (mostly) and looking for D&D 5e as well. I am in CST and best nights/times for me right now are tue/wed/thur at about 8p (or 9pm est). I may be able to do mondays as well but that depends on the week. I usually DM in real life but enjoy playing as well and would rather not DM at first either. So if you want someone just to run through some stuff just to learn FG together reach out.

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    Tues/Wed 9 EST best days for me. I’ll keep looking for a group around those days and let you know. If yo for it be great to just hop on and play around with it. I’m gonna purchase the 39 dollar sub so have it for good. So if got time and want to try it out let me know that would be the great to get a base feel of the program. Once I feel comfortable with it I don’t mind DM and sounnds the same for you. Goal of group is to get a fun casual group where we all take turns DM since time involved with it.


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    Yes that sounds great. Wed/Thur are better for me as I probably won't be home tuesdays until midnight (EST). I agree about taking turns DM'ing. It helps to keep things fresh and you learn from others new ways to be creative. It's fun to be the player as well so sharing the the DM spot is always good with me. Let's keep in contact and we can work something out soon.

    - Crawling Chaos

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    Hello. I'm interested in joining you guys if you still want to play. All of the times mentioned work for me and eventually I'd be willing to DM. I've never been a DM before so I do want to wait a little bit before I try it.


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    Howdy, my wife and I are also looking to play and pretty much any day time is good. I am not new to table top but my wife is and we just recently found FG. Do y'all know what realm we will be in, I have always played in Forgotten Realms, but I am open to anything.

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    Well if everyone is interested there is 5 and we can try to get something started. Mezlo, like your wife lot of us are very new to ttg. None of us new to DnD it sounds like, but all new to FG. No preference on realm we can play on the one your used too if up for it. If interested let’s plan to meet on discoid or mumble maybe tonight or tomorrow around 9EST since everyone open for the game time and just chat some and figure out what we want to do (exact day/time, weekly/biweekly, etc). We can figure what we want to start with who wants to DM and get the rules set too. If anyone would be willing also like to just play with the program with anyone to understand it more. I just have a few YouTube videos under my belt. Also, in April is the big FG weekend and could all try to join up for an event with one of their DMs. Just reply or shoot me a PM and we can link discoid names or my mumble account and we get something setup.

    Hydrogen#7687 is my discoid name.


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    My discord is Mezlo #4625 and for us Tue or Thursday would be best.

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    I added both of you on Discord. My username is JoshuaC#2286. I can get on there tonight so that we can figure out all of the details.

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    Hey everyone, I can get on discord tonight but I won't be home from work until around 9-930pm EST. So I can join you if you have already started and join in the conversation. I went through building characters 101 in discord last night with the FGC and that was very helpful (at least with making characters). Thursday night is doubtful this week as I made plans to play a one shot with friends in real life. But that doesn't happen very often so I gotta do that when I can. Hit me up in discord if you want to my username is
    Crawling Chaos#8654

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