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    Digital Adventures Presents: Flood of Darkness Fantasy Grounds Adventure

    Flood of Darkness is d20 adventure for levels 4th - 7th that takes a brave group of adventurers to a flooded village under siege by a pack of blood-thirsty demons. Do the PCs have what it takes to defeat the demon's evil grip on the countryside? This adventure package also contains a printable PDF of Flood of Darkness.

    You can download this adventure for a price of $4.00 from Digital Adventure's RPGNow store at:



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    Sorry to ask this but do you have this adventure?? can you send me if you have it?
    Sorry i´m new at this and i don´t have adventures and i´m looking for new ones...Thanks anyway
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    Go to rpgnow's website or click on the link in Thore's post.
    The module is a commercial product and will cost you $4.00 - others are also available at rpgnow or via Digital Adventures website.

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    It seems to be discounted to $3 right now on RPGNow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by heruca
    It seems to be discounted to $3 right now on RPGNow.
    Yep .. I did discount it to $3.00.

    Wow ... first time that has happened. Guess people are getting braver all the time, or at the very least don't read my entire post. Must be a boring writer ...

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