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    MoreCore Attack vs. Defense (target on CT) roll?

    I see that I can use /dbdamage to apply damage to a target on the Combat Tracker. Is there a similar roll available for attacking against a target's defense? I see thac0 looks at defense, but nothing else stands out. The game we're playing (Stars Without Number) doesn't use AC like that (AC starts at 10 and goes up from there). Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

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    Never mind here. I just found about the new /attackac (and /damageroll) rolls in 1.50.

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    Hi Hjorimir when you work out all your setup would you please post a character sheet export and/or a zipped up campaign (without any copyright material) to help others also try SWN please?

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    It might be a good idea to get these new rolls added to, which is where I looked originally.

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