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    Rise Of The Rune Lords Players Needed

    Looking for people interested in playing threw the ENTIRE rise of the rune lords lol. I am a Ultimate subscription holder so if you only have demo not that big of a deal.
    Will be using core rule book races and classes and the ultimate equipment. The game will be every other Saturday at 8 pm Pacific time till midnight. I have been GMing for the better part of 10 years with the PFS system but this will be my first with fantasy grounds but we all start some were . I have done a couple adventure paths on roll20 and wasn't impressed with what they had to offer support wise. This will be my 7th adventure path i have run along with being a 4 star pathfinder society gm. Game will be starting in August or possibly sooner depends on how quickly my current group finishes shattered star. I am looking for 2 players with good attendance, i will be talking to everyone that replies to this post so even if you are number 20 or beyond to reply and you want to play please still reply i plan on talking to everyone to decide who will work well with one another.
    This will be a 20 point stats buy in and a 150 gp start with core races and core classes one of your traits will be pulled from the players hand book to help link better to the story.
    So let the games begin and looking forward to hearing from you all

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    gotcha so no dhampir half vampire raced shifter class from ultimate wilderness

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    I love this campaign, but I've never played it as a PC.

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