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    DND 5 Ed One Shot

    Caravan and Patrol Duty one shot.
    Need 4 to 5 Players
    Time – 12pm this Thursday(March 7th) Eastern Standard time. That is UTC-5, Between 3-4 Hours Max.
    License:- Fantasy Ground Ultimate, so you only need demo.
    System – Forgotten Realms 5ed.
    Voice – Discord
    Characters – make your own or choose from some premade 1st level characters.

    How you all ended in Scornubel is each your own personal tale, but for some reason you all took a Job as caravan guards, your destination the Halfway Inn, a month or more travel to the north.
    Your cargo is basically metal ingots, of iron, copper and metals. As well as it would seem 4 ballistae’s that have been disassembled for travel and about 100 bolts. Will you survive the Journey and what awaits up in the north. An area that is fairly remote.

    This is newb friendly, I am defiantly a beginner DM but pretty comfy with most of character creation and just OK with adding effects. Purpose of this is to scratch the DND itch and to have fun. Good chance you all get eating by a snake or a Roc tears you to pieces in the first few minutes.

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    need 1 more to go, and can take a total of 3 more

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    i miss read the starting time. if you do another I an new to FG so interested in all 5e adventures to learn how to use the software

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