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    2 RPG Humble Bundles - Assets and Pathfinder...

    Icons/Assets - very useful for embellishing FG games:
    Fantasy Game Dev Bundle - 1 hr left

    Many Pathfinder-related books/scenarios, etc.:
    Pathfinder 10th Anniversary Bundle - 1 day left
    FG Wish List -
    License: Ultimate [Unlicensed/Free Trial FG users can play in my games]
    Teamspeak: (alternate server in case of trouble:
    Password: Dungeoneers
    FG Server Alias: cold wand bold fang

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    Even though I don't really play Pathfinder it was worth it to invest just in case I ever do. Plus you can sync with Smiteworks and save on FG modules too, which is also increases the value.

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