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    @Malkavian_Andi Thanks a lot!

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    @dmkevin: Sure, welcome. Usually SF is relatively forgiving regarding party composition. This specific scenario is not articularly combat heavy. But entirely up to you. You can also freely rebuild until you play your first game as a level 2.

    I can usually have the server up GMT evenings if you want to build your character.

    4 spots filled, 2 still open.

    @SchroedingersCat: I'm in the process of importing your character. Just tell me a little bit in advance if you want to get a quick pointer to FG.

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    roll dice. it builds character.

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    I've decided to play my Skittermander again, even though he's 3rd level, but I'm ok with getting OoSt credits. He's a supporter anyway, so doesn't need that much of the expensive equipment.

    Oh, and please delete the version that's already on your server. I have updated him.
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    Alright, thanks.

    With one person (Jack) stating they'll post here after they get home, all six spots would currently be filled.

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    Lotta soldiers around, hahah
    I'm in!

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    The server is currently up for those who want to build/review their characters.

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    My first Starfinder character attached

    Tharkk.xmlHopefully, this will not need any editing, I believe i did it right.

    DM-Kevin - Current campaign running: D&D 5.0 Tomb of Annihilation -

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    Looks good at a first glance.

    You'll manually have to add the Armor Savant and Rapid Response benefits though.

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    Subtier still unclear at this point.
    Venture Captain Arvin looks at the assembled soldier-heavy-group before him. "Expecting trouble?" He shrugs. "Well, you can never be too careful. Just be aware you're on a diplomatic mission."
    SFS Timetable including FG Con:

    March: As mentioned before (#1-22, #1-33, #1-03, #1-21 if there are no unforeseen circumstances)

    April 7th: #1-24 Siege of Enlightenment Tier 1-4?

    FG Con:

    Friday April 12th 7 PM GMT/UTC: #1-07 The Solar Sortie Tier 1-4

    Saturday April 13th 1 PM GMT/UTC: #1-32 Acts of Association (Repeatable) Tier 1-4

    Sunday April 14th 1 PM GMT/UTC: #1-17 Reclaiming the Time-Lost Tear Tier 5-8

    One additional slot to get to 15 tables? (will be decided today)

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