Hi there,

I'm looking for players who are familiar in FG to play Level of of DOTMM.


Purpose: I just got my hands on FG and need a group of players for me to test out and learn running FG. As such, the game will be focused on combat and some roleplaying. I'd like to learn as much as I can in this 3 hours.

Game: This will be a 3hour session in Level 1: Dungeon Level in Dungeon of the Mad Mage. We will play as far as we can in this 3 hour session. Game will be played 6pm +8 GMT. I'm running this through FG Ultimate.

Requirements: I need my players to have a level 5 character ready for import and get the game kicking as quickly as possible. I would like these classes Paladin, Rogue, Druid (with wildshape extension) & Monk.

We'll be playing through voice discord.

PM me and let's get this going!