Ah, they posted a thing describing the “new” Celtic book to differentiate from prior. It was 6 days ago but I only scanned comments today after getting last 12 hours notice:

The 2nd Edition 'Codex Celtarum' is essentially a new tome in comparison to the original and massive in size. The two editions are barely the same other than a few sections in each. What you will get in the new (and final) Edition is:

- All of Ancient Celtic Europe defined in use for gaming.

- Over One-Hundred Faeries, Monsters and Beings, most NEVER heard from in most sources.

- Hundreds of Deities from the many Celtic pantheons in Gaul, Ireland and Britain.

- Druids, Bards, and Seers from their original Celtic cultural origins in both history and myth in depth and compared to the Fantasy counterparts.

- 120+ Faery Powers Defined as Originally designed, and how to use them with Faery characters, or half-blooded races.

- Hundreds of Celtic Tribes from the British Isles, Gaul, Spain to Galatia.

- The 'Otherworld' from a level never before handled in Gaming, with a depth of detail that is extremely unique and useful.

- What 'Celticity' means today in Academics, Ethnology, and other fields of research. This will aid Gamers in their portrayal and role-playing efforts.

- The Celtic peoples from both a large and intimate scope, for whatever is useful for the Castle-Keeper and the gaming group.

- Celtic history from Prehistory up to the Norman Invasion (1066 C.E).