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    Celtic and Egyptian Mythos KS by Troll Lords last days

    They are pushing to a 300 backers mark to add free (non related) Campaign module for free to backers.

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    What are these books like for those not running games in C&C? I do like Celtic mythology and have been tempted by some of their other codex books but held off as I don't run C&C.

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    Well, I believe it is very applicable to any campaign/ruleset because it is mainly a lot of flavor and story you can use.
    It describes forces and conflicts as well as "belief systems." An example is the chapter on "Darkwars"

    At the end there is a chapter explaining how you can reskin the C&C classes to this campaign but it is merely description and naming (about a single paragraph each)
    After that there is a short chapter on new classes Woodwose, Wof Charmer. C&C is like older style AD&D with some newer 3.0 mechanics flavor (like classes having abilities) but not anywhere near complexity of later 3.0/PFRPG rules. Also uses a very simple unified system for skills and checks, but I digress.

    The last section has some items and weapons. Because it is based on the "balance" of pre-5E, you would want to modify max bonuses and the like - stuff I am not very good at being a 1e/2e guy myself.

    I am attaching the picture of earlier first edition Celtic book page (the Egypt one is completely new so no clue), please Admins, remove or notify me if not cool to attach - I used a marker to obscure much of it so not even giving a FULL single page


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    Its ok to post the single page in response to teh question

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    Thanks for that, Varsuuk!

    It does sound interesting. The Mythology Codex bundle on DriveThruRPG is on sale right now and includes the older Celtic book.

    My thoughts were to pick up this bundle or get the KS and mine for info for my Call of Cthulhu games...

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    Well, depends imo. I think the bundle is great too. Personally my most interested one is Norse because I am a Norse head. After that, I’d say coincidentally Egyptian and Celtic are interesting for my campaigns.

    Celtic is very commonly used in normal European type games. Sit is both good for being common not as good for being less exotic than Egyptian

    But (and I am way not very familiar with Cthulhu stuff) it seems that Egyptian has a good horror feel but maybe that’s a function of movies I’ve seen and how unfortunately the Celts were so oppressed that their religion/Mythos didn’t get around as much here.

    Of course an ex once gave me a horror story titled “The Shee” and part way through it I was all “hey, don’t they mean the Sidthee?” And she looked at me. I spelled it for her... “you know Sidthe?” (Which I knew from AD&D) and she says “...yeah...umm... it’s pronounced ‘Shee’”

    Just add that to my coming late to realign that it wasn’t just a funny name calling when the “French” in Monty Python and the Holy Grail callee them “silly English Kiniggets!”

    English KNIGHTS... right if you try to pronounce ALL the letters, doh... 30 years late.

    But umm back on target:

    I think the Egyptian one will be cool. I backed both digitally (I have all the others, got Norse then Germanic and others got when on deep sales) because wanted Egypt but buying together changed unit price to 12.50 from 15 and figure Celtic one is a huge rewrite which includes god stat blocks so why not. (Heard they will wventually redo others though I’ll only rebuy the Norse one most likely)

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    Oh well if they are going to redo the others I might hold off on the older bundle. I too like Norse and I think the Germanic one would be cool too. Who knows, maybe I'll end up running C&C some day.

    Thank you very much!

    Also love Monty Python and the Holy Grail, great movie!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NotRussellCrowe View Post
    Oh well if they are going to redo the others I might hold off on the older bundle. I too like Norse and I think the Germanic one would be cool too. Who knows, maybe I'll end up running C&C some day.

    Thank you very much!

    Also love Monty Python and the Holy Grail, great movie!
    No CLUE when they may, they just mentioned in this KS description about the "new" statblocks found in Celtic and Egyptian books on the KS and that eventually all the books would be made that way (they generally KS when completely out of print copies)

    I agree though, unless you have an immediate need - wait for the redone ones. The Nord one I've seen on sale often. Sometimes as low as $5 on limited time sales. I got an announce of it this past week in one of the mailers promoting their new KS. Usually their KS mailers have specials related to them. I'd definitely advise joining their mailing list

    One other non TLG item: If you like Norse stuff - Frog God Games has an AMAZING long series of Norse modules. The Northland Saga (like 6 modules? from lvl 1to 10+?) (and Northland Series - separate modules, I think 4?) I loved the former so much I again bought the dead tree (OMG IT IS FAT) one.

    My son is a huge Skyrim fan plus he likes Norse stuff - I love that stuff, so hoping second campaign we can do up there.

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    If you like Norse themed games you should look into Trudvang Chronicles. The world building and setting is amazing. Rules maybe not so much. The art is fantastic.

    Symbaroum also has that feel but different.

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    I'm still not sure if they're going ahead with the "new" statblocks or not. I was given preview copies months ago so I could change all the statblocks in Tome of the Unclean during the editing process, which I did, so it would match the new M&T Compendium but the latest beta release of that doesn't have them, for page count reasons. In fact, we ended up undoing some of them for Tome as well, for the same reason.

    But yeah, these sourcebooks are good material for any game, just the statblocks will obviously be geared for C&C.

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