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Thread: Who is who?

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    Älvsbyn, Sweden

    Who is who?

    I saw another thread here where users of the program in Australia started presenting themselves a bit more in detail...

    So why no? Why not a thread where we can talk about every person's fave subject, ourselves. Introduce yourself with as much or as little information as you wish to give... here is to you Mrs Robinson, we'd like to know a bit about you for our files...

    No, seriously though. GM's steal like ravens from RealLife, every person I meet risk becoming a NPC somewhere with me taking his/her accent or personal traits or looks as a fact to hook players with. So... why not feed the addiction a bit? Who knows, maybe it'll even help SW decide their target audience with the people being here as a good example?

    Name / Nick : Adam / Oberoten
    Nationality : Swedish
    Rationality : Not always...
    Age : Two and thirty years have I endured upon this plane... but
    no snakes.
    Job : Personal Nurse / Assistant

    Fave systems : The ever preached Ars Magica...
    Programing : Yes, mostly pascal and C, some Basic and some HTML.
    Education : Jack of trades. Nurse and systems engineer. Happier as a nurse though.
    Nr of players in RL troupe nowadays : 11 (Usually 6-8 present including the GM (that'd be me) )
    For your Ars Magica needs :

    Atque in perpetuum frater, Ave atque vale.

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    Lets see...

    Name/nick: Petra/Pet

    Nationality: American living in the Netherlands

    Age: 27 years young

    Job: Juvenile Corrections Officer till the job wore me into the I blissfully do nothing!

    Education: AAS in Criminal Justice, though I'm planning my strategy to tackle a BA then Masters in Psychology... (won't that make a great DM? Psycho-analyzing your players)

    Favorite System: Hmm...I have to say Vampire second edition

    Programming: I leave that to the boyfriend, but I'm pretty slick with excel and learning xml to make better FG rulesets.

    I have one live game going with 6 players and myself as the 7th person. I'm known as the "Evil DM" just because two players just happened to lose their weapons that their gods gave them personally....and the gnome dies everytime they encounter a dragon.

    I'm a LARPer and prefer boffer LARPs to no-touch LARPs. Because of the LARPing I'm a pretty good seamstress now and I used to make my own chainmail.

    I'm also a self admitted MMORPG addict.

    That sums me up.
    Question: How does an Assamite find herself between a 12ft murder machine and a high place?

    Answer: When she's running away from a werewolf in Crinos and she has to jump onto a fire escape with the Phobia: High Places flaw

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    Wollongong, NSW, Australia
    Sounds like a great idea ... so lets go ...

    Name / Nick : Ken / Lawnikky
    Nationality : Australian
    Marital Status: Married with 1 daughter (all grown up and left the nest ... sigh...).
    Rationality : Only when I'm at work and then it has a slight curve to it...
    Age : 40 but my wife thinks I'm still 16
    Job : Rigger in the construction field (working away from home atm)
    Fave systems : DnD in all it's forms, but mostly 3.5s atm
    Programing : Some basic (very basic, old school which I haven't used in years).
    Education : Yr 12 / Higher School Certificate with some individual courses under the belt for good fun.
    Nr of players in RL troupe nowadays : 7 usually when I'm at home but now the gang have to live without me for awhile

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    Name/Nick: Wally / Lerithyn / Subsistcyber

    Nationality: American

    Age: 25

    Job: Prior military, now full-time student majoring in English

    Favorite System: D&D, favorite world = Forgotten Realms

    # in RL group: 0 (Havnt played in RL for over a year...

    Other: Been playing for 13 years and I enjoy every aspect of roleplaying. My dream-game would consist of a great story, great roleplaying, and epic battles (in order of importance). Thinking of starting a game soon... I have all the tools (dundjinni, FG, tokens, rulesets, and a kickass imagination), I just need the motivation.

    Cool Idea!

  5. #5 you sure you wanna know bout me?

    Name/Nick: Vince aka Cousin Vinny aka Kalan

    Nationality: Canadian

    Age: 30

    Job: Payroll Administrator (I soooo wanna get outta this), Freelance Writer

    Favorite Systems: 7th Sea, Deadlands, d20 Modern, Savage Worlds (quickly becoming my Faveist Fave system)

    # in RL group: RL Group? What's that? I guess 2...tho we haven't gamed RL in ages outside of LG.

    Other: Hmmm...well...I'm divorced, have a daughter who's with my ex. I'm involved with a lovely young lady from Denmark where I'll be moving to within the next year. My job sucks...ummm...Cleveland Rocks? I dunno :S Been gaming for the better part of my 30yrs startin with the old D&D Red Box. I finally have started my dream career of writing RPG supplements - tho its goin slow...

    Apart from that, just ask I guess...I ain't scared too much of sharin my details...
    Vincent Kingston
    [email protected]

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    Name / Nick: Martin / Dada (no other nicknames that don't involve expletives)
    Nationality: 'merican.
    Age: 33
    Job: Software developer
    Favorite Systems: Middle Earth Role Playing, GURPS
    Programming: When I'm not on the internet, yes. Java mostly, though my latest job is gung-ho on Cold Fusion
    Education: Barnes and Noble
    Group size: 15 years ago I played with 2 other folks. Lately I joined a group that fluctuates but is presently 7 strong.

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    Name/Nick: Ian/Valgard
    Age 42 (43 in two weeks )
    Job: Winemaker
    Education: School of hard knocks
    Favourite Systems: Pendragon, Millenniums End
    Programming: Will be starting on new ruleset once I've mastered the art of typing with two fingers.
    No. of players in RL game: 8, when we can all get together.
    Other: Into Napoleonic Naval Wargaming and Dark Age Re-enactment

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    Name / Nick : Walter / Voltaire
    Nationality : American
    Marital Status: Bachelor
    Rationality : Still working on the small things... My name, where I am, why I have a knife in my hand...
    Age : 24
    Job : Starting up in Radio Shack, looking for work related to schooling (aren't we all?)
    Fave systems : D&D, BRP (Cthulhu), GURPS
    Programing : Some Java... I forget things fast when I really need to remember them.
    Education : BA in Germanics... Terribly useful... Really...
    Nr of players in RL troupe nowadays : 5 including self. Hoping FG will allow it to include others, bringing total to 7 (the diasporadic college gamers).
    Other interests: Reading (Runs the full gamut here, from biographical to fiction). Boardgames (currently Arkham Horror, Descent, Monsters Menace America, and Space Hulk). The Out-of-Doors (fishing, hiking, sleeping, smelling). Lastly, video games (I buy waaaaay too much crap for all of my hobbies, and I discover new hobbies every day!).

    I also like older music with my favorites being Sintra and his contemporaries and classical.

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    Ok I'll bite

    Name / Nick : Alessandro / Baloo

    Nationality : Canadian/Italian (Yes I have 2 citizenships)

    Marital Status: Married, kids, dog, imaginary dragon...

    Age : 33

    Job : Industrial Designer

    Fave systems : oh gee lots but AD&D(good ol'Greyhawk) and Palladium(NOT RIFTS) will always be dear to me

    Programing : HTML, some XML, the VCR/DVD and Microwave

    Education : BA Fine Arts: Design, Minor History, Minor English Lit. (yes, I've heard the jokes)

    Nr of players in RL troupe nowadays :Zip - nadda - zilch. In the old days it was a regular group of 4-5. Stopped RPing 15 yrs ago, I'm hoping FG will do what PC/Console RPGs and MMORPGs just can't.

    Other interests: Right now my current obsession is my 10 month old son Matteo. My other horribly neglected interests (in no particluar order) include history, design, literature, open-source software, semiotics, gaming, cooking, art, home improvement and gardening. Oh and I'm a recovering WoW addict.

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    Name / Nick : Chad/

    Nationality : American

    Marital Status: Got a divorce under my belt, so I guess I'm ready now...

    Rationality : Very

    Age : 34

    Job : After 10 years in aviation I've been a waiter for almost 2 years and I think I love it.

    Fave systems : I suppose good ole D&D

    Programing : Nothing worthwhile, though it looks inevitable that I'll do something eventually, I guess, maybe.

    Education : Made it up untill spring break (Daytona Beach) and called it good.

    Nr of players in RL troupe nowadays : Nobody for a while now.

    Other interests: Gaming, hiking, biking, cooking, a little writing, the dogs (Jack, Fagan, Grady and old Coke), kayaking, Red Sox/Patriots/Celtics, some drawing, harmonica, poker, and occasionally a beer or two is nice...

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