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And if its legal for me to reproduce it and play with my friends, whats stopping me from then giving it to john to play.
You're getting into the realms of what's legal and what's possible without getting caught. Any reproduction of copyright material, other than for the grey area of personal use, is illegal. If you take an old copy of a D&D module you own and make photocopies of various pages for your game then that is considered personal use. If you gave all of those photocopies to someone else to take away and use outside your game, even for free, then that's actually breaking copyright. The same is relevant for making copies of that material for playing games on a computer (NWN, Fantasy Grounds, Roll20, d20Pro, MapTools, whatever).

I know this thread has gone off topic, but I want to be clear to anyone reading this - the Fantasy Grounds owners and moderators on these forums are very clear that we don't support or condone distributing copyright protected material without the IP owners permission. Any such material posted on these forums, or links external to the forums, will be removed. Please always consider where you got any material from before you post on the forums. It's great to share with the community, but only if that material is legally shareable.