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    Are you familiar with the FG basics?: I know some of the basics but i am learning new things every time i Play on FG.

    Do you need the server up to build your character on FG?: yes, that would be very helpful.

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    I currently have the server up for an Against the Aeon Throne game in half an hour (server alias under game announcements in the game calendar), so if you want to build your character now I suggest avoiding the chat window and the images due to potential spoilers. As it's a different server from the SFS one, any portrait you choose will also not carry over. Otherwise, everything you need should be available and I can just import the character later to the SFS server. Just remember to activate the modules you need.

    Alternatively, I can also have the server up later.

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    @darkdevouring: Be aware one of your stats is 1 point too high (you usually start off with an odd score from theme).

    You'll have to apply the +1 bonus from weapon focus manually on the actions tab.

    I can't at the moment figure out where your +1 to Athletics comes from.

    You do get a +1 to Computers and Engineering from Bypass though.

    You also get skill focus due to Memory Module.

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    I'd like to play, I have never used FG but very familiar to Starfinder but I have never played a Society game. I made a vesk Solarion on paper ready to transfer it. game time for me will be 5:30 am. ill be on ready just need to join game to start getting familiar with it and doing a character. thank you for your time.
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    Alright, good to know.

    If you haven't already done so, I would recommend watching some tutorials on FG, e.g. targeting (works the same in almost all systems) and character creation.

    The server will be up 30-60 minutes before the game, depending on when I get home.

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    See game announcements under game calendar.

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    Chronicle drafts sent.

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