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Thread: GMT gamers?

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    Local and game-ready

    Great. I'm GMT (based very near Bristol, England too) and am looking for the right game to join with the right kind of people. I've DMd in the past and still run occasional one or two-shots (5e, Cthulhu, Paranoia, some fun Fate stuff), but am really looking to play in an ongoing 5e game right now (my local tabletop game unfortunately came to a premature end due to DM real-life demands).

    Thanks for starting this post. I'm really interested in getting a group (possibly monthly ish) together and it does look like something might be coming together here.

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    I am a UK based GM. I'm thinking about running Tomb of Annihilation. Anyone run that already?
    dmkevin ... if you are seriously considering running a game of Tomb of Annihiliation then lets have a chat.
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    Hey!. I'm GMT+1 and currently looking for a group to play D&D 5E.

    I've some experience with Pathfinder but I'm a total noob in FG, don't know if you guys are willing to play with me as I've no experience in both the game and FG... but figured it was worth a try asking
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    Hi LaRasa, yes I am on discord as dmkevin.

    My Tomb of Annihilation campaign is to start Thursday, April 28th.

    DM-Kevin - Current campaign running: D&D 5.0 Tomb of Annihilation -

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    Hi i am currently working on a savage worlds Hellfrost game so if you are interested let me know
    Ultimate Licence Holder - it only took 5 years but I started to GM in FG in 2019

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    Any slot open for a player looking for a group? (5e preferred)

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