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    <5 hours left

    They unlocked the new Adventure: Isle of the Angry Apes. They are within 2-3 dozen $15 pledges of giving out The campaign/adventure book “Borderland Provinces” at 1300 pledges of $15+

    Technically the second NEW adventure at 10K more is easily in reach and the new system-neutral Hazardous Habitats: Deserts is close at <15K to go.

    Spread the word and blow the roof at the end!

    (Most/all? Adventures are avail in S&W/5E some are in PFRPG. The Frogs publish with FG so many of these may come to FG to joins ones already here if folks convert them. I’d LOVE to see the Lost Lands book itself get in FG . System neutral! )

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    I verified the new adventures are also available in 5E, S&W and PFRPG

    And there are less than three hours left!

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