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    I don't see races added into this book. Is there a shortcut for that? Looking to make my own for my setting, looks like this does everything I need except that.

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    Easier to show than tell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ellspeth View Post
    Easier to show than tell.
    Looks like I found the drop down. Thanks.
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    So I have been playing around with this and it seems that combined with the NPC Generator it will save me a great deal of time... however one thing that is really starting to annoy me is wanting to get rid of things that have no place in my setting.

    Item categories that don't belong like "Futuristic" anything. Is there a way to get rid of those. I can add all I want but can't seem to remove them.

    Also, is there a way in SWADE FG to implement damage types and immunity/resistance akin to what D&D5E has?

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    This module is fantastic!

    I've created a number of reference manual modules in various ways. But after trying this out tonight I have to say that this is by far the fastest way I've come across after figuring out the details of the markup.
    And as the SWADE reference manual is one of the best looking and formatted ones out there, there seem to be few limits to what it can do.

    I put together a short starting "core" guide. Might be a good idea to have something like that in addition to the demo file, by the first post. Sort of command reference manual.

    Main structure of your document should be as follows:

    #### Reference Manual :: This is My Reference Manual Name

    [[###Chapter Title/Name goes here
    @@chapter::Chapter Name
    @@subchapter::Subchapter Name

    Some text content here. To make a paragraph in the reference manual,
    make a paragraph in the text here to import.

    Like this.

    [[###Chapter Two
    @@chapter::My Main Chapter
    @@subchapter::My Subchapter

    This is my second chapters content. You can call the chapters and subchapters anything you want.

    Anything with the same chapter name will be put under that foldable chapter heading.
    Anything with the same subchapter name, will appear under that sub-chapter heading
    under the chapter heading.

    Chapters are displayed in order as per your document.

    The [[ ]] brackets, tell the parser that it is the beginning and the end of that chapter entry.

    The -------------------------------------------- does nothing, but is a good idea to keep
    in the document to help readability. Making it easier to see where each chapter starts.

    Editing commands:

    ##Title Text in the Content
    --Bullet point
    <<Name to Appear by Text Bubble::Text to output to chat when chat bubble pressed.>>

    How to create reference manual in Fantasy Grounds:

    1) Load the extension. (SW Enhanced Library from
    2) Select and copy all the text you want to import.
    2) Type '/importlib' and press Enter in the chat box. This will create the module from the copy text held in memory.
    3) Edit the name and other details of the module by pressing the appropriate lines and typing them in. By the new module in the Library.
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    Combat Enhancer 5E Classic (no longer officially supported, community support only)

    ps. Do not send PM's for support for the extensions I write, I will not not be able to respond there. Use the relevant forum threads instead so the community can benefit from the replies, thank you.

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    This is all built into the Enhanced library module already. I reference it all the time
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    Forgive my n00bness if my questions are very obvious.

    I'm guessing that since I need custom Races and custom Character Sheets for my campaign, this Enhanced Library import tool can only get me part of the way there?
    And that I'm still faced with learning how to create/edit extensions?

    Not too much of a problem if that's the case, as I have and are working through Jeff Redding's excellent tutorial. It's just that all the examples are based on CoreRPG, whereas I'd really like to learn by playing with SWADE tags/nodes - hope I got the correct terms there. Any chance there's a list of them somewhere?

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    Fantastic! What a great idea. I am just starting to explore some campaign settings that have their own stuff to be added to the SW base, and this will be very useful.

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    Hi, Anyone know what the savage worlds expression would be for multiplication? example 2d4 x 10... IF there is one? Thx

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    Hey everyone,

    My continuing journey into noobness with FG, I'm trying to get these extensions to work because it would be a part of my experience. I followed all the instructions and put the .ext file in the extensions folder. When I fire up FG (5.1) it doesn't show as an extension. Do I have to do something to enable it?

    I've attached a couple screen shots to show what I've been doing.


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