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    One Shot - Castles and Crusades - Abbreviated A0

    Hey all,

    I am looking to run some Castles and Crusades at conventions, so I want to run this to see how long it will be so that I can determine what to actually run at the Con. So I will schedule this for 4 hours, though it may not run that long. 1st level pregens, no experience required. Y'all would be helping me out with this. I'm thinking either a Sunday Evening, Friday evening or Tuesday evening. Are you interested?

    A0 (The Rising Knight) abbreviated version (this will be basically the 2nd half of this adventure)
    FG License: I have the ultimate license, so you can use a DEMO license if you like
    Game System: Castles and Crusades

    Time Zone: US Eastern Time
    Planned Duration: 3-4 hours per session
    Term: 1-SHOT

    Text or Voice: Voice
    Voice software used: Not sure yet. Either discord or Teamspeak

    Roleplay/Combat mix: Not sure
    Number of Players in game & needed: 4-6
    Character starting level & equipment: Pregens Provided
    Character restrictions: Pregens (select from below when applying)
    Newbie Friendly: Definitely. You'd be helping me out tremendously by playing.
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    I would be interested in playing. I am new to FG, and have never played Castles & Crusades, but I have read the books for playing a couple of years ago. I have played AD&D for over 30 years as well as other RPG's. At this time I really have no idea how to do much on this site, but would love to learn. I have used Teamspeak for years. I am good for Sunday or Tuesday evening, and look forward to hearing from you.

    Dotenshi: demo license

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    Awesome! Welcome! I want to get at least 4 players and then we can play.

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    Two things, are you using Castles & Crusades or 5E, you list both in different places. Also you indicate that you would like prospective players to select from a list of pregens below but there isn't a list.

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    Thanks for catching that esmdev. The game will be Castles and Crusades, the pregens will be available in game.

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    Never played C&C always wanted to

    Quote Originally Posted by doseyclwn View Post
    Thanks for catching that esmdev. The game will be Castles and Crusades, the pregens will be available in game.
    Morning, I would be most interested in joining in, never played C&C always wanted too! Been playing D&D since 82, breaks here and there, I've played other RPGs as well, Traveller, Star Frontiers, a lot of old school stuff mostly. Been playing 5e since it came out.


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    Hmm. . . I wonder where JohnD is these days? I figure he'd be all over any thread mentioning C&C.
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    Great! I will keep checking back for updates and more info.

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    I'm interested if there's room at the table. I'm new to FG, but have been playing BX, 1e, & 3e forever.

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    Haha! I just realized this was a looong time ago...

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