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    Fantasy Flight ("5th Edition") Legend of the Five Rings

    Anybody have or working on a rules set for Fantasy Grounds for the latest edition of the L5R RPG from Fantasy Flight?

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    I just make an extension fore MoreCore that allow the launch of L5R dices.
    It is available here.
    Launch d6 or d12 and you will have the L5R dice result in the chat.
    For info I am an NOOB in FG coding.
    This extension does not allow the relaunch of exploding dices.
    I made a few test with MoreCore but it do not allow the dice relaunch.

    If someone knows how to create a function which allow in the chat the add and relaunch of d6 when a 6 is obtained and the same with d12 when a 11 or 12 is obtained it will be VERY appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    EDIT I made a previous answer in the Tavern but I do not know which section is more relevant.

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