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    other suggestions from my group having the perception roll on the front page would be great as its often one of the most used skills.
    Having a modifier box for Edge being able to keep track of how much edge has been spent.

    The Npc dropdown list and the item drop down list is a godsend for data entry great idea

    btw we have been using the extension for the quick start Sr 6 rules and it works fine with minor tweaking

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    Great to hear and thanks for the suggestions. I'll look into adding them.

    But where do i put them!? I'm running out of room. I think maybe removing one of the attribute rolls might be the best place. What do you think?
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    Good question. looking at the main page would it be possible to split the armor box and have things like soak defense and perception in the yellow colored area

    Or move the limits there and place defense soak and perception were the limits are today. see here.

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    Great suggestions. I'll toy with them and provide some images for you guys to decide.

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    Great to hear. If it is of any help This is what we were using before which was a very basic edit of Iamwards Shadowrun 4e ruleset

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    Cool thanks for the visual. Helps get the ideas flowing. I think i might go back to the paper sheet and try to see if I can get that condition area into the sheet. Just like you did at the bottom.

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    Awesome ruleset.

    I have been playing in Ramid's campaign since 2013 (and have been working on the ruleset that we used in the beginning), so I really appreciate the work you put into this. The lack of a decent ruleset was putting a dent in our willingness to play SR online (we are in 4 different countries spread over 3 timezones).

    Incidentally, have you considered uploading your extension to GitHub? It would make tracking of any issues and wishlists a bit easier, and if anyone had any solutions or bugfixes, they could send in a pull request (so you would still be able to check the suggested changes before merging them).


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    Sorry, haven't thought about it and never really used GitHub that much. It's something to consider as I'm tracking my 5 extensions as of right now. Might help keep track easier. Will consider it.

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    We use it extensively for PCGen. Can highly recommend.
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    If I played shadow run i’d Be bitching. GitHub is yet another account you have to add, yet more advertisements users have to suffer through. It has its place but it is a pita for users. Note that Dulux is moving all his stuff back to the forums.

    It has its place for joint projects, but please don’t put your users through it.

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