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    superteddy57 don't rush on my account...I wasn't trying to make you rush. I love what you got...I just realized the language links last night when I was getting some Shadowrun stuff ready for my guys.

    But thanks for following what I'm saying.

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    superteddy57...yes its me again...I was able to setup the skills...but I didn't find Skill Groups setup as roll-ready skills. So a Player may have Pistols 5 and the roll works for Pistols...but I didn't see anywhere for them to roll just Firearms Skill Group for any firearm if you follow me. I think having the Skill Group roll-ready would be another good addition.

    Just a thought.

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    In my opinion, the skill groups take up space that would be more useful for getting a better view of the skills. It would be most useful to just tie it to each skill and possibly being able to hide it when not settlng it.

    There are differing opinions on how much space to devote for different data in the ruleset (and to be fair, there are an awful lot of them in SR ). At some point, this is just a difference in charsheet layout and could be addressed with extensions.



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    You are right Refur, and trust me that it was a place holder to allow skill groups to be tracked. I wanted to get them to eventually be tracked in the skill frame. I can certainly get rid of the Skill Groups frame to open more space for skills up and add a new skill groups box to the skill line for now. I'm not sure if I can get the functionality yet till I can devote some time to it.

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    When you have a chance could you possibly add Guardian, Guidance, Plant, and Task to the spirit types drop down in NPCs? They are from the Street Grimoire. Thanks in advance.

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    It appears as though the NPC Limits (physical, mental social) are rounding down instead of up. Not sure if it is in any other areas or not.
    Also the skill when adding a firearm item is mapping in as " heavy weapon"; while the in the skills on the player sheet is "heavy weapons". This can easily be worked around by changing the player sheet skill but thought you might want to added it to the list.

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    Updated first post with minor changes. Still working on CT and making things a bit tidier and less messy.

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    If you downloaded it in the last few minutes, I uploaded the wrong one. I would do another download.

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