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    Thank you. I am working on those things and will release them once I am happy with them. I am actually thinking of just porting it over to it's own ruleset. Trying both approaches and seeing what I like best. Just need to ask everyone patience on those fixes. Appreciate all of your comments and keep your suggestions coming. The addition of a new friend/foe tracker for meat/ar/vr/astral. So when the characters go on the combat tracker it will help track where they are in the world. I tried multi-tabbed combat tracker and that failed and felt clunky swapping between them during a combat phase. That should be the big release along with fixes to the issues relayed by Mindfreezer. Hansmo also is producing some cool things as well for the extension. So some neat things are coming.
    If you do port it over to its own ruleset do you think that an actual commercial license might be a possibility or would that be just wishful thinking?

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    Hansmo also is producing some cool things as well for the extension
    I'm trying anyway. Most consistent products so far are frustration and headaches. But, I guess frustration and headaches are keeping within the unique experience of playing Shadowrun.

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    @esmdev Unfortunately that is something for the higher ups to look into. This is still a fan project and won't be licensed or supported by SmiteWorks. Changing over to a ruleset will simply make it easier for players to only keep track of one file instead of both the extension and MoreCore ruleset.

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    I like the idea of a ruleset...but not sure how much work that takes. I'm still loving it how it is. Shadowrun is just a cool system and its nice to be able to play it again with my friends.

    Thanks superteddy57 !

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    This is cool, thanks! To bad its so much work to get all the info in because copywrite issues. Since 6th edition is out think there is a possibility to make the 5th edition extensions publicly available?

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    It is public. Once you download the extension you can unpack it and see under the hood. Just ask to give credit if you use any of my stuff.

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    As mentioned, the extension is public, but the content is not. Even though the content is 5E, it is still protected by copyright even though 6E is out. (copyright protection does not end because a new version is published).

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    Thanks for that. I meant from what is provided in the extension is available to the public.

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