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    Shadowrun 5e (MoreCore Extension)

    Hi Folks!

    I think this extension is in a state that will allow gameplay and the key elements are there. I just need some feedback. This one has taught me a whole bunch and I think it shows from my other attempts. I will be using what I learned from this one with my other extensions to help improve them. Well without further delay here is my newest contribution.



    -Metatype can be dropped on the charactersheet. It will add Max Attributes, Walking, and Running to the sheet from the Metatype record.
    -Weapons frame accepts Item drops.
    -Qualities frame accepts Abilities drops.
    -Armor frame accepts Item drops.
    -Augmentations accepts Item drops.

    -Skill Groups don't work at the moment. (wishlist)
    -Active Skills autopopulate with core rulebook skills
    -Knowledge/Languages autopopulate with base templates for knowledge/languages

    -Tradition and Mentor Spirit accept drops from the related records. Tradition will add the drain attributes, but they are invisible.
    -Astral Attributes will link to the proper stats.
    -Spells frame accepts Powers drop.
    -Adept Powers frame accepts Powers drop. Dice icon will swap frames to Lodge
    -Summons frame accepts NPC drops. Will need to change the NPCtype to Spirit.
    -Foci frame accepts item drops.
    -Initiation are unlinked lines. (wishlist; May add them to Abilities for easy drop)

    -Cyberdeck/RCC accepts item drops. Typing out Living Persona will autopopulate the ASDF.
    -Complex Forms accepts Powers records. Dice icon will swap frames to Programs.
    -Drones/Sprites/Vehicles accepts NPC records. Choose Vehicle NPCType
    -Submersion is the same as Initiation. Dice icon will swap to Resonance Actions.

    -Normal tab

    -Tab is normal, but would recommend using only for gear that doesn't have a place elsewhere on the sheet. The Inventory doesn't autopopulate the rest of the sheet. (Sorry! Still trying to figure this out)

    NPCType will change the sheet to a specific type of NPC found in the Shadowrun Universe.

    NPC - Metas and Critters
    -Init, Matrix, Astral will accept #+#d6 as per stat lines from the rulebook
    -Skills are a bit tricky. You can copy and paste exactly as you see from the stat line, but would keep it (Skill name #). If it is a custom skill it won't calculate the stat into the roll and may need a seperate attribute roll.

    Vehicle - Drones and Vehicles
    -Weapons accepts item drops.
    -Mod tab accepts item drops

    Host - Host (Maybe Sprites and IC, still waiting on suggestions)

    Spirit - Summons
    -Type will autopopulate the sheet with the templates.
    (Spirit of Air, Spirit of Earth, Spirit of Fire...)
    -Optional Powers are already pre-populated, but allow you to remove the ones not choosen.

    Types - Use the types from the corerulebook and it will show the proper fields.
    Melee Weapon
    Projectile Weapon
    Projectile Weapon
    Throwing Weapon
    Throwing Weapon
    Firearm Accessory
    Armor Modification
    Rigger Command Console
    RFID Tag
    Optical and Imaging
    Vision Enchancement
    Audio Enchancement
    B and E Gear
    Industrial Chemicals
    Survival Gear

    Mod tab - Accepts item drops to track mods to the gear.

    Category - Use the types from the core rulebook and it will show the proper fields.
    (Combat Spell, Critter Powers, Complex Form....)

    ***Things still needing work***
    -Auto calculation of Essence loss from augmentations
    -NPCs Limit on skill rolls
    -Mod box to add dice to rolls. Would recommend using right click to add them after you have dragged dice for the roll.

    - Fixed export issue with all the new record types.
    - Lowered size of link button on story records

    Updated some ways of getting the data more visible for the GM to create NPCs and Items. This may break some created NPCs and Items. There are now drop down boxes for the types and subtypes. This should help when creating them and give you the fields for them.
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    Nice.... Thanks..
    "Over thinking, over analyzing separates the body from the mind."...MJK...

    Dropbox Link To Maps Folder

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    Holy Smokes! That's a lot of work you did.

    I look forward to trying this out.

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    Awesomesauce! Got it installed and was checking it out, really nice.

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    This is very cool!

    Been playing a little with making a module and seemingly Metatypes can't be exported. Also the links in Stories clip, as the graphics are slightly too large. Finally I can't seem to figure out where Programs are supposed to be made, so an extensive list of item types and so on, would actually be very nice.

    Fantastic job so far. I can't wait to see what you do with this.

    Vires Animi

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    Sure thing, thanks for the feedback. Will get those working and a new version up for you.

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    Updated first post with fixes.

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    Impressive... VERY Impressive!!!

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    Glad to hear. Hope you folks enjoy

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    We need to have a plan so that we know what we're deviating from!

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