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    Yes, this helps in running and playing Shadowrun 5e, but is not licensed to provide trademark data. You will have to create your own modules with the data from the rulebook/supplements. I would suggest creating a development campaign (basically a separate blank campaign) to create your modules. Then export the campaign and then they will be available for game campaign.

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    Ah, this is what I thought. So players aren't allowed to share that campaign data around, even for free?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Delvaro View Post
    Ah, this is what I thought. So players aren't allowed to share that campaign data around, even for free?
    Copyright is not about commercialization, it's about distribution. So unless the Shadowrun material is released under some sort of permissive license or the company has a fan use policy, it can't be distributed (for free).

    I'm not familiar with company or its policies, but hopefully someone is and can verify.

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    Shadowrun is a property of The Topps Company and tabletop game development is licensed to Catalyst Game Labs which is a subsidiary of InMediaRes Publishing. Electronic rights to Shadowrun are held by Microsoft and currently sub-licensed to two game development houses. So depending on how the companies view VTT one or both of Topps and Microsoft would probably have to sign off on use of the intellectual property connected.

    That being said, you could create your own items like 'Black Raven Heavy Pistol', 'Arcane Sphere', 'NetGenesis Cyber XII' and use equivalent game stats and your own custom description. That could be distributed but could not use names of anything connected to the official verse like Ares, Fuchi, Lofwyr, etc.

    It would be great to see an officially licensed Shadowrun Ruleset but I'm not currently holding my breath.

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    Hi chummers,

    I started with Fantasy Grounds Unity some days ago (thanks to Corona) and so I'm a rookie
    First of all - Thanks for this extension and all the time that was was spent to create and maintenance it.
    Maybe someone can help me with my question / problem.
    Everytime I try to host a campaign with Unity and this extension there is the error: Unbenannt.jpg
    Any idea how to fix it?

    Many thanks in advance and best regards

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    This extension was never tested or built with Unity in mind unfortunately. I would suggest a regular MoreCore game on Unity till I am able to look at that issue.

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    The errors should be cosmetic only. They will be patched in the next build of MoreCore

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    Just chiming in to say that I'm in the FGU boat, and as damned says, I'm mostly running into cosmetic issues that inconsistently appear. They vanish when I just wait a few minutes or open and close windows. Not a deal breaker in any way.

    However, would you guys suggest I wait for further updates and patches before I launch into a headlong effort of adding campaign materials into MoreCore using this extension?

    BTW I'm a first time Fantasy Grounds user, and I was so thrilled to see this extension. Serious props to both damned and superteddy57 for doing all this! You are the best.
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    Superteddy57 was hired by Smiteworks to move along official projects (there was a huge backlog of things needing to be done) and as such that leaves him very little time for personal projects like this one.

    If it is mostly working my advice would be go ahead and use it. Make note of what isn't working and figure out a work around. Maybe keep a log of what errors you see and post them here and maybe someone might come along and fix them. It never hurts to try.

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    Question, is there anything done to support the use of Edge? If there is how does it work? I saw while looking at the code that there appears to be some talk of edge, just not sure it was fully implemented or not.

    Also, how would I go about supporting this with code? I sort of got spell casting, and summoning working. Not exactly how I want it working but it makes all the rolls in an automated fashion. Need to add combat spell support for hurting targets, but the basics of getting the dice totals rolled works. I'd like to add to the drain roll adding stun/physical damage to the character based on the drain roll.
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