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    Howdy this is something my wife and I would be interested in. We played in the original Neverwinter nights online game, and I personally am very familiar with FR. My wife is new to table top, but we would love to join if there is still space.

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    If you're still looking for an extra player, I am free at all times to play. Have discord act. Let me know, thanks!

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    I would love to get in on this. I have FG ultimate as well and can meet the Thursday night schedule no problem. I been playing D&D from 1st ed right to 5th ed. I have been using FG to run a local face to face game and I have been in several online games as well. I have most of the VIOP apps and a good mic. I am willing to play any class race and can fill gaps or make a few characters to choose from. Yeah, very flexible on the character side of things since I have played them all for years. If you are interested in letting me join I just need starting character info and I will get underway on a character(s). Also feel free to ask me any questions or voice concerns.
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    are you still running this game, if so am interested.

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    I'm off on Thursdays and fridays. New to fg, but experienced with 5e. Definitely interested though. I can run whatever.

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    Have two players for you here! Will send you a DM!

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    also interested if there is open spot


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    I'm a bit late to the perade but I would also be interested if you have any spots left. Lots of RPG experience and moderate experinece with FG. Have the ultimate version. Regular play is what I'm looking for so good fit. Let me know. Thx

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    I would be interested in the game if it can start at 6 or so. I'm in central time zone and wouldnt be home yet from work at 5pm est. Im new to FG and Dnd 5e and would like to play a Ranger

    If it is starting at 5pm est for sure then I bow out and wish the game good luck

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    If you have room for one more I am most certainly interested!

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