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    Looking for DM

    Hello! And thank you for taking the time to read this post. So I have a group of 4 people including myself, I was the DM for a year now but due to college and work I don't have the time to DM anymore or at least dedicate enough time to DMing. And none of the other players either want to or they have very busy lives and don't have the time needed to DM like me now.

    Our games are normally on Sat at around 20:30 EST at night, the reason for this is one of my players has a baby and can't get on till around then due to baby things. We are all ex-military in someway but the one, two are Army and one is coast guard. So with that being said our language is not PG13 in anyway and our humor can get a bit crazy..... even for me (Army) it can get a bit much at times lol. In general we just want to have fun, we don't do stupid **** just cause it would be funny we generally stick to how our characters would actually act in that situation. We just side bar a lot about doing stupid **** and never actually doing it. Along with that we tend to be 50/50 with RP and combat, if you give us a chance to RP we will RP.

    At any rate if anyone is willing to come to our rescue would be awesome. I'm not particularly hopeful as that day and time we play seems to be a really odd time for most people. Even if this would be your first time DMing please give us a try, we are new user friendly and will help you learn the ropes and everything.

    Please shoot me a private message if interested and thanks again for reading my SOS.


    Oh yea sorry I always forget to state what kind of game we are playing.... pretty important lol

    Game: D&D 5e
    Not currently in the middle of a existing campaign.
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    Might help if you provide some more information...

    Is this for 5E D&D?
    Are you in the middle of an existing campaign?
    If so, what level are the characters, and are you using a published campaign, or a custom one?

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    I have a saturday game at 22:30. I have to play late due to work issues, but that may be too late for you guys.

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    I'm interested. I'm a bit of a newbie DM and I've never played online before but I'm good with technology and can figure it out. How long are your sessions usually? Let me know what you think.

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    Hey, still looking for a DM? Time zone works and I was in the Army. Got medboarded before deployment. Gg. I've DM'd a plethora of games, primarily 5e. Admittedly my focus is a bit more on the RP side, but I try to assure a minimum of one combat per game. Obviously the frequency of combat is more or less related to the scene at the time. But that's all details we can flesh out in due time.

    If you're still interested, my only requirements is keeping races and classes to the core book. Mostly due to some horror stories in the past. But if that's all good then I'd be happy to run for you.

    Edit: I'm also cool with Xanny's Classes. Got ultimate and all the modules. Also have a few secret spells and items that are a 3rd party source that are fun to dabble here and there to #makemagicweirdagain and ultimately provide the players with some surprises if they're familiar with the book.
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    You may need to send him a PM, you sound like you're a better fit than me after we talked about it a bit.
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