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    Hey there! I am actually looking to start running this group regularly again, I took some time away myself to DM some AL games at a convention locally in my city . It will either be Dragon Heist, Autumn Season (my favorite, I've run all 4 now) or dive into Dungeon of the Mad Mage!


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    I'm glad someone responded to this recently. Are you still looking for more people? I'm interesting in joining.

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    Sounds like fun.

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    For the next run of this campaign, I am looking for 3 - 4 people, I will update the original post with this as well. I intend to run this start to finish, once per week for 6 - 8 weeks, so I need players who are able to dedicate that much time to finish the whole campaign. It's a lot of fun, I make sure to include bonus objectives for extra rewards and faction renown .

    If you'd like to vote, Dragon Heist or Mad Mage?


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    Well I would def love to join this session. I can def dedicate the time. Can fill any role needed as I'm not too picky, just wanna play some d&d.

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    Excellent! Please sign yourself up on my game calendar , looking like Mondays are going to be the best. Not sure if we will begin tonight or next Monday to give players time to prepare, but I am open for either one.

    Looks like i've got 4 Players now, but I am open for a few more if there are any others who would like to play this storyline!


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    So i went to the game calendar but i don't see anything for today or next monday. Unless i'm looking at it wrong or at a wrong area. Or do i use the link from your very first post on this thread?

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    Please use the link from the first page to sign up on the calendar ! I have now updated that as well.


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    Hi there still looking for players?

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    Yes, we are still looking for a few more players that can play Mondays or Fridays , still debating the final day now.

    Thank you!


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