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    Try using other template. I have used it with CoC modules nad campaigns and results are very good instead of use a different game template.

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    Can anyone help point me to what I'm doing wrong here:
    The ruleset I'm modifying the print xsl file for groups NPCs into a larger category eg:

    My problem is that when I call the template to print each npcgroup, it prints all the nps regrdless of which group they belong to. Can anyone point to what the following lines need to be?

     	<xsl:template match="//npcgroups/category">
            <div class="npcgroupsclass">
                <xsl:for-each select="./*">
                    <div class="npcgroupssubclass">
                        <xsl:attribute name="name">
                            <xsl:value-of select="name()" />
                    <h1><xsl:value-of select="./name" /></h1>
    				<div class="npctype"><xsl:value-of select="name" /><xsl:text> </xsl:text><xsl:value-of select="notes" /></div>
    				<xsl:if test="npcs/*"> 
    					<xsl:for-each select="/*"> 	
    					<xsl:apply-templates select="//npcs" />
                    <xsl:apply-templates select="text" />
    I'm not specifying the npc sub category correctly here but can't figure out what it should be instead of "/*"
    				<xsl:if test="npcs/*"> 
    					<xsl:for-each select="/*">

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    I think the problem is with <xsl:apply-templates select="//npcs" />

    Try something like
    <xsl:apply-templates select="." />

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    Cheers, will give it a go.

    ..Thanks DD. I had named my template //npcs. Changed it to just npcs without the slashes.
    '//' is apparently a too powerful a wildcard and was calling all the instances in the file instead of just the specific context.
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