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    GUI Starfinder question

    Just wondering why doesnt the Starfinder rule-set have a space in the combat tracker and the character sheet for stamina points? I was playing last night and was happily killing off the party when FG started rolling stabilize checks in the CT when the wounds got to the HP value. How do others deal with this? Am I wrong? Should I be using a pencil? or subtracting them from the SP box? Or should there be a stamina points wounds box?Annotation 2019-02-20 125211.jpg

    And too add to this, on the main character sheet the current HP and SP cannot be adjustedAnnotation 2019-02-20 181725.jpg. I must be doing this wrong. Or does it not work?
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    I think it has been requested at least once quite a while back but I don't know whether there's a reason it has not been implemented yet. Samarex is probably the best to ask on this one.

    Usually, I have to pay attention not to drop the damage dice in the wounds column (as it goes directly to hp in that case) but e.g. on the character name itself (in which case it should go to stamina points first).

    I usually have the party sheet open for a quick overview on how well everyone is off, if I need the specific value, I'll just open up the character sheet. Not the most efficient method but better than nothing.

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    Maybe i
    I am confused as to the question. but it does have stamina .... in both places.


    nevermind i just modify the combat tracker and did not notice the character sheet current is not modifiable. When something damages a player I drop damage dice on the characters name it subtracts from stamina first then health
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    Those are the same as the ones i posted in my thread. That is the box traditionally in FG where you put your total HP, and SP for Starfinder. Now what I am talking about is the box in the combat tracker where you track the damage on players. It has wounds but that deducts from the HP box which in the Starfinder rules it does damage first to the SP stamina until they hit zero, and then it should deduct from the HP box.
    Right now, FG has no box for direct stamina damage (SP). It only has wounds to hit points (HP) which after hitting zero points, FG considers the character unconscious.

    The second part of my question is you cannot adjust the CURRENT HP and SP on the main tab of the character sheets. The box does not activate on mouse click. Therefore FG puts some random number in there you cannot clear or adjust. Test it out! You can however put the characters Max HP and SP in the boxes on the far left, but what I am saying is you cannot adjust CURRENT, therefore these numbers in this pic Numbers dont populate correctly.jpg Now in the Fatigue Box, it deducts from Stamina but Fatigue in Starfinder is not stamina damage, it's something totally different in the rules.

    With the combat tracker currently showing: combat tracker says 27 current on sheet says 0.jpg

    And as you see from the available GM options in the combat tracker is RP for resolve points, Tmp for temporary hit points, Sbd for Subdual damage, and Wnd for wounds. There should be one more box Std for Stamina point damage.

    Does this make it clear what I am asking?
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    I don't have access to my main laptop right now, so I can't answer everything.

    While it does not have a box for stamina damage in the CT, it does track it correctly if you drag the damage dice onto the name (first stamina points, then hp).

    I believe "fatigue" is just what FG calls stamina damage.

    Similarly for wounds (max hp - wounds = current hp (minimum 0)) .

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    Stephan_ is correct. On the character sheet at least, fatigue is SP loss and wounds are HP loss

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    Could I just check in here, do you know about targettings?

    If you hold Ctrl and click on another token it should allow you to target things, players can also do this for their tokens/targets. Once targetted when you roll to attack, it will automagically tell you if it hit/misses against the correct KAC/EAC (as long as the attack hasn't lost its "vs. eac" property). And then when you roll damage it will automatically deduct the damage from the targets.

    Starting with the DR, then Stamina Points, finally HP. Using this and making sure that players (or more drones at low level) have the correct DR resistances it will automagically kill off your players in the correctly.


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