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    Now that I've had a chance to look at this while at my desk. Try this code:

    	<template name="image_record_step2">
    		<imagecontrol name="image">
    			<indicators locked="image_locked" loading="image_loading" />
    			<script file="campaign/scripts/image.lua" />
    	<template name="image_record_step">
    			<default drawingsize="500,500" gridtype="hexrow" snaphex="vertexandcenter" snap="on" />
    					<label>Draw Arrow</label>
    					<label>Draw Circle</label>
    					<label>Draw Cone</label>
    				<custom name="TrianglePointer">
    					<label>Draw Triangle</label>
    				<custom name="HexPointer">
    					<label>Draw Hex</label>
    				function onBuildCustomPointer(nStartXCoord,nStartYCoord,nEndXCoord,nEndYCoord,sPointerType)
    					local aShapeCurves, aDistLabelPosition, bDrawArrow = CustomPointer.onBuildCustomPointer(nStartXCoord,nStartYCoord,nEndXCoord,nEndYCoord,sPointerType);
    					return aShapeCurves,aDistLabelPosition,bDrawArrow;

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    Awesome. That seems to have solved all of my issues. The snap is working for vertexes and centers... the custom pointers work.. all good.
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