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    Looking for a game for myself and 2 friends to fit into years of tabletop exp. one guys has exp with maptools as a player. looking for weeknights around 9 pm ESt.

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    Hey DMBmedic, I am putting together a discord server with people that are wanting to game later in the afternoons. We currently have 7 people in the server but are looking for more so that we may run multiple games. if yall are interested please hit me up on discord : linkwtf#8852

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    Hey Linkwtf, do you mine if I join too. I'm new to DnD and FG, but have been playing for about a month IRL, so I'm familiar with the core rules.

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    sure! add me on discord

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    New player to FG and looking for group weekdays around 9pm EST if need more and playing around this time let me know if space to join.

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