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    The Waterdeep Map from D&D2 - 10 (or is it 12) A0 sized posters all designed to fit together to show one humungust map. My copy's packed away at the moment, but I think that Campaign Cartographer has it avaliable as a CC3 map - I know they did the original (or, at least, whoever did the original used CC3/CD3 to draw it - you can tell from the style of the map).

    Dulux - I cannot bring that 2E product exactly to mind, but I recall the maps from Cartographer of the day, like FR Atlas (done in CC or CC2) which came out even later, they were pretty crude compared to CC3/3+ - but will have to look at it, it's actually in the den along with some other city books.

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    @Varsuuk: This one ( - the old ADnD 1E/2E City System Boxed set.

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    Greyhawk is D&D's original "Thieves' Guild" city. A map of the city (with separate map of sewers) can be found here. Mike Schley has a hi-res digital version for sale on his site for a couple bucks.

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    @Dulux-oz, cool - yup I have that one too. In closet in Den, will pull out the map on the weekend to take a look

    Chris, yeah that Schley map is definitely worth buying, I got it as soon as I saw it available.

    Gygax did with TLGs as wonderful “City of Greyhawk” hardback called Yygsburgh with names changed due to contractual reasons I am sure. It is out of print along with the “Castle Greyhawk dungeons” (Castle Zagyg Upper Levels) I am afraid due to his widow deciding to pull contracts EGG had done for her own inscrutable reasons.

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    The Yggsburgh hardcover bests all others IMO.
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    Bard's Gate from Frog God Games - nicely drawn, has good detail, and has pre-done filler for the city to save time on the basics.

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    Right, Bards Gate is pretty impressive. So much so that I later bought the hardcover on sale after already had gotten the digital! (FGG always gives you digital for free with purchase of physical copies l)

    Not only is the city useful, it is less “well known” (to non S&W folks, there it is very popular) and finally - you can even get a world campaign for it now on a cool new Kickstarter (prob offers the book as add on in that section)

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    This thread turned out great, thanks to all.
    I ended up choosing Lankhmar, but using quite a bit of content from City-State of the Invincible Overlord...
    I really wanted to use CSotIO, but it is TOO MUCH haha
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    Oh, Lankhmar sounds cool!

    I only ever read Swords Against Deviltry (finally 2 years back after reading about F&GM in Deities & Demigods back in early 80s)

    I have that boxed set and it looks good but I never used it or read it too closely. Glad you found your town

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    Mike Schley's city maps for the Forgotten Realms have got to be favourites.
    Alyssa Faden does some great city map work as well.
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