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    Your favorite fantasy city map of all time?

    I am looking at various options for a thieves guild based campaign, and in search of a detailed city map that would fit. (detail in the map not the setting)

    Any suggestions on ones with a lot of details? if it includes sewer access that a plus but not a deal breaker.

    Not interested in smaller battle maps unless its a bunch of them that goes with the theme.

    So far i am looking at WFRP (Middenheim) and Lanhkmar maps.

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    City State of the Invincible Overlord?

    This is not necessarily my favourite. I felt it was closer to what you asked for.
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    I have no favorite fantasy city map.
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    The Waterdeep Map from D&D2 - 10 (or is it 12) A0 sized posters all designed to fit together to show one humungust map. My copy's packed away at the moment, but I think that Campaign Cartographer has it avaliable as a CC3 map - I know they did the original (or, at least, whoever did the original used CC3/CD3 to draw it - you can tell from the style of the map).

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    I am liking the City State Map idea...
    And the Waterdeep map is great, but my player is a huge DNerD, so he possibly has that all memorized.
    Thanks to everyone so far!!
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    What about Sanctuary from Thieves World? Not that I've ever used it, but...

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    My favorite was Rock of Bral, a Spelljammer product for 2nd edition. Man, was that a great setting....

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    Grab an old map of Paris that shows the sewers and catacombs beneath...can't get any more detailed than real.

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    Someone beat me to it

    SANCTUARY was one of my favorite fantasy cities hands down. Chaosium had a great boxed set I picked up in the 80s. I suspect it is available on pdf at some place - check DTRPG.

    If nothing else, finding the maps online is easy but they had a real cool write up and if I recall it was compatible with the "Cities" book they published around that time. This book was used with my other favorite city product (mainly because was huge Midkemia fan): Carse (and Tulan of the Isles, Jonril, and finally The Sunken Lands.). These you can look for Chaosium versions in DTRPG store but if not, the original editions are available from the author directly. I own still the dead-tree versions from 35 years ago but I bought each PDF (and encounters program) as they came out in pure thanks!

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